Annual Report and Accounts 2009

Delivering customer-focused solutions

Autonomy and Robotics

Autonomy and Robotics

Sensors and Spectrum

Sensors and Spectrum

Training and Simulation

Training and Simulation

Cyber Security and

Cyber Security and Resilience

Chief Executive Officer’s review

“This has been another good year of all-round progress for the Group. We have delivered good organic growth, enhanced by targeted acquisitions, improved operating margins...”
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Chief Financial Officer's review

“2009 was a successful year for QinetiQ with strong revenue growth in North America, operating margin improvement in EMEA and excellent cash generation across the Group.”
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2009 Highlights




Underlying operating profit

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Directors’ Report – Business Review
2009 Highlights
What we do Defence Security and Intelligence Energy and Environment
Our businesses QinetiQ North America Europe, Middle East and Australasia
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Our global capabilities in action Autonomy and Robotics Sensors and Spectrum Training and Simulation Cyber Security and Resilience
Performance review – QNA
Performance review – EMEA
Chief Financial Officer's review Underlying operating profit Other Financials Risk
Key performance indicators (KPIs)
Principal risks and uncertainties
Corporate Responsibility report Our approach Marketplace Our people Environment Community
Directors' Report - Governance
Board of Directors
Corporate Governance report
Remuneration report
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Statement of Directors' Responsibilities
Financial Statements
Independent Auditors' Report to the Members of QinetiQ Group plc
Consolidated financial statements Consolidated income statement Consolidated balance sheet Consolidated cash flow statement Consolidated statement of recognised income and expense
Notes to the financial statements 1. Significant accounting policies 2. Revenue 3. Segmental analysis 4. Profit before tax 5. Gain/(loss) on business divestments and unrealised impairment of available for sale investments
6. Finance income and expense 7. Taxation expense 8. Dividends 9. Analysis of employee costs and numbers 10. Earnings per share
11. Goodwill 12. Intangible assets 13. Business combinations 14. Property, plant and equipment 15. Financial assets
16. Equity accounted investments 17. Other non-current investments 18. Inventories 19. Trade and other receivables 20. Current asset investments
21. Cash and cash equivalents 22. Trade and other payables 23. Provisions 24. Deferred tax 25. Financial liabilities – current
26. Financial liabilities – non-current 27. Financial risk management 28. Cash flows from operations 29. Reconciliation of net cash flow to movement in net debt 30. Analysis of net debt
31. Finance leases 32. Share capital 33. Changes in equity 34. Share-based payments 35. Operating leases
36. Transactions with MOD 37. Directors and other senior management personnel 38. Contingent liabilities and assets 39. Post-retirement benefits 40.Capital commitments
41. Subsidiaries 42. Post balance sheet events
Company balance sheet
Notes to the company financial statements 1. Accounting policies 2. Investment in subsidiary undertaking 3. Debtors 4. Share capital 5. Reserves
6. Share-based payments 7. Other information
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